Nag Sankar Temple

November 29, 2017
Local Attractions

Nagsankar Mandir is situated east of Tezpur , a place called Chatia, new Biswanath Chariali. The exact history of the temple is not definite. It was built around 4th Century AD. According to one believe, the temple was built by a King called Nag Sankar from Lohitya dynasty in late 4th century. Nagsankar reigned eastern Kamrup (ancient name of Assam) in 378 AD. He was a great king and sent his representatives to his contemporary the Great Asoka of Maurya dynasty.

According to another believe, the Nagsankar temple was built by king Nagmatta. Nagmatta is another name of the powerful king of Assam, Arimatta. Arimatta has important palce in mythology too. He is believed to be son of the river-god Brahmaputra, who blessed beautiful wife of king Ramchandra with a son.

Ahom king Su-sen-pha repaired Nagsankar temple in 1480. With this work the king was able to spread his kingdom to the north bank of the river Brahmaputra and win the faith of the people of the region.

The temple has a large pond by it. The pond is home to large varities of turtles and large fish. Some turtles are believed to be hundreds of year old. The temple campus also has peacock, deer , pythons etc. These animals along with the temple attract tourists.

Nagsankar is a temple of Hindu God Shiva (Sankar). Shivaratri is the mostle celebrated holy festival in the temple every year.


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